Hello and Welcome! 



 Hey there! I’m June Jones, founder of Shine Within and I’m so happy you’re here.


As a Certified Assertiveness Coach my work is all about helping YOU become more assertive and confident so that you can enjoy a happy, balanced and fulfilled life.

You can work with me Here.

  • Would you love to feel super confident every day and ready to take on the world?  …… I’ll show you how.


  • Do you feel as though nothing works out for you no matter what you do?  …… I can help you.


Just a few little tweaks to our communication skills can make a big difference to the way we live our life.


Do you often – 

  • Feel that others walk all over you?
  • Say yes when you really mean NO?
  • Stay quiet rather than voice your opinion?
  • Go out of your way to please others?
  • Apologise even when you are not at fault?

Or maybe you – 

  • Fly off the handle for no reason?
  • Speak loudly to make sure that everyone can hear you?
  • Constantly feel the need to control others?
  • Are competitive and need to always win?

If you answered YES to some of the above, learning how to be assertive could be just the ticket.

I can teach you valuable skills using inspirational tools and techniques to help you achieve a healthy balance between passive, aggressive and assertive communication.


Assertiveness is a wonderful skill to have and can be easily mastered with time and practice.




Assertiveness will give you the courage to be true to yourself and express your feelings in a healthy, honest and direct way.


You’ll also gain … 

  • An increase in self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • A new found respect for yourself which will attract respect from others.
  • The ability to communicate clearly, calmly and effectively.
  • Happy, healthy and improved personal and professional relationships.


Imagine having all of the above amazing benefits ….. How would life be for you?


Work with me Here.



Choose a new way of life today and feel confident, assertive and fabulous!